Developer Services Major Projects

We worked within the client’s commercial team to carry out contract and commercial management for a variety of developer services major projects in the London area. These included the provision of large water mains, sewer mains and major diversion works.

Pre-contract works involved liaising with the design team, compiling internal and customer estimates throughout the design process and compiling works contracts in lump sum, actual cost and target cost formats. Initial prices and risk registers were submitted by the contractor which were challenged and negotiated to agree contract values and set target costs.

The post-contract phase involved administering the client’s bespoke contract. This included the audit and assessment of actual cost payment applications, management of change events and ongoing monitoring of wider project costs to determine the anticipated final outturn cost. Detailed monthly cost reports were produced for all projects, including reconciliation against the initial budget agreed with the customer. Works also included assisting with the close-out of historic final accounts, involving auditing actual cost ledgers and assessing remaining change events.

We were actively involved in the negotiation and challenge of contractor’s costs, both during pre-contract setting of initial contract values and post-contract change management. This resulted in better value for both the Client and customers.

We made a significant contribution to improving the quality and accuracy of monthly cost reporting, providing the client with better cost control and understanding of anticipated spend and pain-gain share.

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