(J691.20) Sewer Crossing Railway (SCR) – Neasdon Depot

For this project we performed a commercial review, challenging McAllister’s tender submission for the Neasdon Depot, as part of the SCR rehabilitation programme of works.

Challenging McAllister’s tender submission resulted in:

E.g.2 Over pumping quote included for labour for install, yet McAllister’s priced their own gang. Gang allocation amended on challenge.

  • Revised quotation and agreed fixed price cost of £734k, compared to initial submission at £835k.
  • Prelims challenged and subsequently reduced.
  • Comparison with programme to remove any duplications of labour/plant allocations where different phases of work overlapped.
  • Methodology of civils delivery challenged resulting in a second supplier being subcontracted.
  • Duration and plant challenged for liner install and remedial phases resulting in reduced time and therefore cost.
  • Subcontracted design costs challenged as each manhole was priced separately, when if grouped together significant savings were made as individual elements were then not duplicated. E.g. costs for: visit to site, traffic surveys, client meetings etc.
  • Duplications of subcontract costs removed. E.g.1 liner quote included delivery from Europe to McAllister’s yard, and the liner Install phase allowed for a Hiab (for yard to site). However, additional costs for ‘liner transportation’ still originally sought as a subcontract.

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