Faringdon to Blunsden

We helped with the installation of a new 900mm plastic water main between Faringdon and Blunsden, replacing the existing main. The pipeline is in a rural location crossing farmland and passing under the river Cole.

The contract was 12 months behind programme due to problems with the installation of the pipeline caused by the sub-contractor’s quality of workmanship and incorrect resourcing of the project. This resulted in 5 defects being noticed due to leaks, compression joint failures and a claim against the sub-contractor. The claim was combined with other claims against this same sub-contractor across several contracts so was dealt with outside this single project

We worked with the operational, technical staff and the supply chain in reviewing the 5 defects notices. We carried out a robust analysis of each individual defect and consulted with the relevant operational and technical experts. We then compiled evidence of what caused the defects and established how to rectify them.

We also advised to maintain co-operation and clarity on the issues that the sub-contractor was included in meeting and technical reports were shared prior to issue of defects notices. In doing so we demonstrated that the issue was to resolve the defects and co-operate to complete the works rather than becoming involved in a dispute. Following these combined meetings, we were able to present a robust and complete analysis. This incorporated technical reports within the defects notices’ that clearly demonstrated the cause for each defect being poor workmanship and use of incorrect procedures with no dispute of the findings by the sub-contractor. It also informed all parties of preventable issues that we should be aware of, and could be further prevented by incorporation into technical specifications and guidance.

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